Leawood South Housing Development is a mature neighborhood with beautiful oak lined streets, a unique variety of home styles, and many features that make it a desirable place to live.

Livability and Affordability

Homes are varied in architecture and character. Homes are generally priced in the $250,000 to $400,000 range. This is a good price range for younger couples with children or starting a family, or older couples wishing to downsize or move closer to services and entertainment.

Proximity to Services

We are less than two miles from two major hospitals and multiple doctor’soffice buildings, less than a half mile from a fire station and medical emergency unit, about one mile from a newly renovated Johnson County library, and less than one mile from the soon to be constructed Justice Center building for the City of Leawood.

Proximity to Shopping and Entertainment

About one mile to Town Center, Hawthorne, and One Nineteen Plazas, multi-screen movie theaters, multiple medium and high end restaurants, etc.

Proximity to Schools

Less than one mile from Nativity private school, and about two miles from either Barstow or Notre Dame DeSion private schools, about one mile from Blue Valley grade School and about five miles from Blue Valley High School.

Proximity to Golf
Development is adjacent to Leawood South Country Club including Private Golf Course, swimming pool, clubhouse, and restaurant.

This site is your source for information about living in Leawood South. We use it to communicate with residents about upcoming meetings and events, as well as provide important information that you, as a Homeowner in Leawood South, need to know

Whether you are a newcomer to the community, are considering purchasing a home in Leawood South, or are just surfing the Web, there is something here for everyone. Feel free to look around and get to know Leawood South.

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