Deeds Request Form

Each lot within Leawood South had a set of Deed Restrictions file on the lot at the time it was sold to the first homeowner. These restrictions first placed on the property by the developer,CENTRAL ESTATES, INC. Leawood South Homes association (LSHA) is the successor to CENTRAL ESTATES, INC, and now is the enforcer of the restrictions through its Board.

We have very few restrictions in the Deed Restrictions because The City of Leawood has overriding law governing such areas as vehicle parking, on streets and private property, property use and general appearance.

If you are planning to reroof, repaint, erect fences/outbuildings or make physical changes to the home or grounds, you must submit the modifications form to the
board for approval prior to starting work.

Click here to download the form in Microsoft Word format

Click here to download the form in PDF format

(if you do not have Adobe, you may download it for free byclicking here)

The major restrictions in the Deed Restrictions are:

  • Use of land (private residence purposes – single family only)
  • Fencing
  • Building Materials (including Roofs)
  • Building set back
  • Livestock and Pets

Seven Plats were filled at various time with nearly the exact same wording but if a legal question comes up you would be best to refer to the Plat covering the property in question.

The following is a scanned version of the deed restrictions for Plat 2. Despite our proofreading, some errors may have been introduced during the scanning and optical character-recognition process: Restrictions for Plat #2 (Microsoft Word format). The same document has also been converted to HTML format, which loses some of the formatting information but can be read directly using your web browser: Restrictions for Plat #2 (HTML format).

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