General comments

The Rock and concrete structures which house the Mail and parcel boxes were constructed and paid for by Leawood South Homes Association between 1995 and 1997. The U.S. Post Office was contacted and agreement was reached that they would inspect the existing hardware and replace any parts that were needed before Leawood South Homes Association (LSHA) would construct an approved design at the existing location of our neighborhood mailboxes. There are several structure sizes, caused by the number of mailboxes and the shape of the hardware. This is all controlled by the Post Office.


Mail and Parcel boxes: The U.S. Post Office owns the Mail and Parcel boxes and controls all policy decisions regarding the location, shape or replacement etc: of this structures. They also control the keys and locks.

Structures: LSHA is responsible for the Rock and Concrete structures plus the base pad. Now that they have been built, if any damage or normal deterioration causes a need to repair or rebuild, LSHA will need to handle and pay for all repairs, after getting the approval of the Post Office.

Construction: Except for the first two or three George Sullavan was the contractor that built the original structures. George could not be found in mid 1998 when repairs were need.

Damage: Please notify the Common Grounds Board Member if you notice any damage to the mailboxes

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