Waste & Recycling

Trash, Yard waste, and Recycling

Trash, yard waste, and recycling are picked up in the entire Leawood South subdivision every Monday, including holidays. The hauler is Town & Country Disposal, Inc. in Harrisonville, MO at 816-380-5595 (FAX 816-626-3259).

All items should be placed at the curb by 7:00 am Monday for pickup. Nothing should be put out before Sunday evening.

Household hazardous waste

Houshold hazardous waste, such as adhesives, antifreeze, brake fluid, car batteries, cleaning products, disinfectants, pesticides, fertilizers, gasoline, paint, paint stripper, solvents, pool chemicals, photographic chemicals, wood preservatives, etc. may be dropped off by appointment at the Hazardous Material Collection Center  run by the Johnson County Environmental Department. Call 913-492-0402 (TDD 800-766-3777) to make an appointment. There is no charge for dropping off household hazardous waste.


Household trash should be placed in 45 gallon or smaller trash containers with lids or in tied trash bags (not exceeding 65 pounds) to prevent trash from blowing. Household trash not suitable to be put in a container must be neatly bundled and/or stacked.

Bulky items

Pickup arrangements should be determined by calling Town & Country Disposal prior to Monday. Items not considered to be normal household trash include large furniture, appliances, mattresses, box springs, carpet, padding, and debris. Payment is due upon pickup.

Yard waste

Yard waste should be placed on the opposite side of the driveway from trash. Each bag, can, or bundle of yard waste may not exceed 65 pounds.

Yard waste (consisting of grass clippings, shrub clippings, vegetation, weeds, leaves, brush, and tree branches under 3″ thick) should be placed in approved paper yard waste recycling bags. Plastic bags are not acceptable for yard waste. A trash-can may be used as an alternative to paper bags. If a trash-can is used, the lid must remain off.

Branches and brush may instead be securely bundled. Each bundle should be no more than 4′ long and 2′ thick.

There is a limit of 10 bags or bundles of yard waste per week.


Items to be recycled may all be placed together in the same recycling bin.

Type of Material Accepted NOT Accepted
Fiber  & Paper Newspapers, advertising inserts, Phone Books, Manila Folders, Office Paper, Brochures, Cardboard Drink Cartons, Books, Pizza Boxes (empty please) Catalogs, Junk Mail, Magazines, Corrugated Cardboard, Cardboard Egg Cartons, Chipboard (cereal, shoe box) Shredded Paper  (in bags) 

Place newspapers in paper sacks to avoid blowing.
DO NOT recycle newspapers in wet weather.

Giftwrap, Blueprints, Hnaging File Folders, paper cups or plates, photographs, Pet Food bags, Fertilizer Bags, Charcoal Bags, Kitty Litter Bags
Cans aluminum and steel (tin) food and beverage containersClean and rinse and remove labels. Oil, Paint, Solvent, and Gas Cans, Cans not emptied and rinsed
Plastic containers #1 PETE, #2 HDPE, #3 PVC, #4 LPDE, #5 PP, #6 PS, #7Other,
Rinse out all bottles.
Household hazardous material or Automotive fluid containers. Styrofoam
Glass Glass is no longer accepted, but please visit Ripple Glassfor local drop off locations All Glass

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